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The streets of Phnom Penh have erupted in celebrations after Kosol narrowly defeated reigning champion Holger Büch to wrest the Skat World Cup from German hands for first time since the inception of the championship in 1888.

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In a tense final battle of the quarter, Holger and Flotti - two of Germany's most successful skat players ever - faced Kosol in what was expected to be a demolition of the amateur Cambodian, who had only learned skat six months earlier. However, after a series of successful volleys in the opening rounds, the buoyant Germans - perhaps prematurely moving in for the killer blow - soon overplayed their hands and were outscored by an uncharacteristically conservative-playing Kosol, who only played two games of fifteen to win the round with 380 points to Holger's 160 and Flotti's -117. This allowed Kosol to narrowly leapfrog Holger in the quarter with an unweighted average of 27.57 to Holger's 23.98 and Vicky's 20.40.

The loss of the title has had far-reaching consequences for Germany, for which the trophy has long been a source of national pride. Sporting hero Michael Schumacher was understood to be listening to a live commentary of the skat final while skiing in the French Alps, and it is understood that Schumacher tumbled into a rock just after Flotti bid for a Grand ohne 4. Chancellor Angela Merkel is reported to be seething at the loss of the Quartalsmeister, and in conjunction with her country's shock loss at the prestigious Quadracket Games is said to be on the verge of terminating her friendship with Holger.

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